Bodega Bay

The day had been sunny, windy — our two little girls played in sand
Shovels in the dunes and jumping up and down in surf.
The ever silent Steven — watches them at a distance from my hand.
I’m accustomed to an eight year silence yet evening widens the gulf.

My heart has its own longings that ebb and flow without speech
My fasting a tide of empty drowns in thought — I diet to a size three
A meal and bathing then rest for the sea girls frazzled on the beach
I bunked alone, Steven in his shell, I slept by a window facing the sea.

Somewhere before dawn without waking my eyes opened
Showering close, then pressing silently — all the stars were falling
Plummeting through the crepe dome to burn into the sea
Then reversing, I saw them telescope back into place.

Diamond pinpoints over pearl black water — I’m staring
Utter quiet the dark presses on my face gleam and dream
The girls are grown women — and I still wonder
Did stars fall from the sky then or did I?

Bodega Bay

One response to “Bodega Bay”

  1. I think there are actually a couple of different poems here. Nicely done!


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