Music to my ears

Slice of Life #18
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This has been a strange day, so my writing desk is especially inviting this evening. I am looking for the story in the mishmosh of unexpected turns.  I was at school this morning, getting ready to teach reading intervention, when…

I had to call Outreach for a ride for my mother to take her to her doctor appointment to have ear wax removed.  She has been deaf this week on top of having the designer virus. It would be close to the wire because the Outreach scheduling line didn’t open until 8:00 a.m. but I calmly got on hold.

My first transfer, once a representative got on the line was to the same day scheduling.  That person told me my mother’s account had a $2 deficit and I would need to pay same day fees.  I offered my debit card number, but that had to be taken on transfer call number 3.  After giving them $50 I thought for sure I could schedule mom’s ride.

I was transferred to the fourth person, who of course said “Same day?” and transferred me to my fifth person.  It was time for my students to come in….

This nice lady read me the fees, the penalties actually, for my mom not having scheduled her ride in advance.  About the same as taxi fare, $16 each way, with whatever times they had available.  I heard the representative mumbling through the schedule after I gave her the doctor’s address.

“No, sorry, we have no transportation available today.”

This only took a half hour and I thanked her weakly.  Mom is going to that appointment.  If I have to handle one more thing without her being able to hear I’m going to shoot myself.

I met my group and did a quick readers’ theater then went to the office to check out. I am the designated driver.

How odd it felt to come home in the morning after zooming off to school in the commute time.  Mom looked up from her coffee quite surprised to see me.

“I’m your ride.” I wrote on the pad.

During the rather lengthy procedure to get out very stubborn ear wax, even though it had been treated with drops for four days, I had a pile of reading records just waiting for me to interpret.  A big pile of them.

Marking the M S V for each student and mulling over the fluency notes was sort of like teaching reading today.

On the drive home, Mom couldn’t put in her hearing aids yet because her ears were too wet, but the Concerto de Aranjuez was on the classical station, so I cranked it up.  Might as well have something beautiful to hear for the first time this week.

We drove in the sunlight across downtown.  A very lovely smile on my Mom’s face.




One response to “Music to my ears”

  1. Your slice has such an interesting pace: quick through the calls and the moves to get your mom where she needs to be. Slow through the short triumph at the end. It helps it to stand out. I especially like the line: Might as well have something beautiful to hear for the first time this week. Well done. And your mom is lucky to have you to care for her so well!


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