Second Day of the Last Week

I am layered under blankets like a lasagna because it’s very cold in Santa Cruz this morning. Last night, after steamed fish and stirfry veggies, Joy and I went out for Chinese massage. Then we had tea and chocolate and watched strange a Viking show from a Danish TV series.  Vikings from that impression are not very happy people and they are continually cold but they deny it.

Whereas this morning in Santa Cruz I admit it’s too chilly to even get up. Indefinite day and time, the weight of a fog and cloud – the grey cold is  fitting for the days that end the year. And I’m burrowed into vacation mode with nothing more serious to do today then go out to lunch and catch a movie.
It is odd to not be sure what day of the week it is yet be certain there are only a few days left in the year.

I want hot tea.  And I am thinking of what my OLW (One little word) for the New Year may be. 

It is something like this:


One response to “Second Day of the Last Week”

  1. BRRRRRR!!! Cold indeed. Glad to know that you are on a strict regimen of nothing but vacay mode – NICE! Keep sleeping in, keep making hot tea and keep thinking of nothing else to do than lounge.


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