Writing Workshop at SJSU

I am in the throes of fixing categories, tags, pages, portfolio and general disorganization on this site.  One can only be “under construction” for so long, right?

I have a short break before I go out to do lunch duty for our 44 students going into grades 4-6 at our new program, Writing Workshop.  I am so happy to direct it, since I was unsure back in February if it would fly, adding it into the other two student writing programs for summer.

But families signed up and three awesome teachers are work-shopping the three groups every day this week.  We’ve got writing literary analysis, realistic fiction, and creative nonfiction going.  Woo hoo.

I have mused on the fact that I have not done anything toward getting ready for the regular school year to start.  I’m mostly thinking of my road trip Monday to Ashland, where I get to spend a few days at my sister’s and pick up my mom.

There will be blackberries in the irrigation ditches alongside the country roads.  It will be good to have some laughs and tea on the porch after supper with my sis and brother-in-law.

Then, school will start.  I have spent my summer wrapped up in directing programs for San Jose Area Writing Project.  Promoting writing and the teaching of writing is a satisfying thing to do if one must hold down a job over summer.


2 responses to “Writing Workshop at SJSU”

  1. Mmmm…blackberries in the ditches. Will you stop and pick them? Those words have hooked me and I find myself wondering about them. Drinking tea on the porch sounds delightful. You should be proud for creating a space for kids to find their voice this summer. It sounds like it was a perfect fit.


  2. Here, here! It actually sounds like a wonderful summer with more good things to come. I actually spent two wonderful weeks with the Long Island Writing Project, and I, too, feel it’s a good gig for the summer. It’s the only chance I have to spend with like-minded teachers who are a pleasure to collaborate with and I cherish it. I like the arc of your post from cleaning up and organizing to dreaming of summer respite. Isn’t that what summer should be?


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