Hello Blog,

I haven’t seen you in awhile.  How’ve you been?  I know I haven’t called or written, but I do think of you often.  When I’m driving to work I think of you, or after I’ve decided I’m too tired to read and turn off the lights, sometimes you cross my mind.

So, it’s nice to be back.  But, really, I’ve checked  across my day, flitting from one memory to the next, and there isn’t a slice today.  A slice, you know, is a clean cut and makes something clear and outstanding.  I think more of looking at the blur of occurrences today with a dull butter knife poised, ready to pull up a slab to spread out onto the page.

But the busyness is mushier than butter.  More like curdled cream I need to pick one thing to drop onto the blog.  A dollop.  The moment while I proctored make up science tests and I drew a quadrant on my legal pad, labeled it with LLI (reading intervention), ISI 15 (intensive summer institute), Fam Lit (Kelloggs grant work) and CWC/WW (creative writing camp/writers workshop).  I stuck GATE in the middle.  Then, without my head hurting once, I made bulleted lists of things to do in each area.  Some big and some small. Some urgent, some not so much.  I tucked the pad back in my carrying case and I felt better.  Odd.

Now the cazillion things that need to get done between right now and the end of May don’t have to take up short term processing space in my poor little brain.  I already did one item on my drive home from school.

Plop.  I just pulled out the quadratic list to see what might be the next priority.

Oh there were stories today, too.  Struggling readers.  Students in GATE who are spatial, not gifted.  But this will have to do.  One quadrant is calling to me.  I could get ‘er done this evening.


3 responses to “Dollop”

  1. Sometimes just a lil dollop will do ya. Good job fitting in some writing – even if you felt like you smeared it all over the page. 🙂


  2. I think I get more satisfaction out of creating a list and crossing things out than actually doing the things on the list. As far as this being a dollop instead of a slice, it’s still outstanding either way. 🙂


  3. Even a dollop of writing is writing! Best wishes on finishing all on your list!


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