Turn the knob

to make electrons move through the rods

fast  —   lots of electrons

to excite the globes of water

in the black kettle on the glass top coils.

The water rumbles

and roils around upon itself

so pour it

into the white glass teapot

splashing over

an aluminum tea ball

full of fragrant black morsels

bergamot-infused tea leaves

and two tiny scoops of stevia.

A splash of the hot water

for a bone china cup

and let the tea steep.

In three minutes

the heat of moving molecules

and extract of herbs

will move through your plant

and the ritual

will bring your brain to

the dial marked awake.


One response to “Waking”

  1. I’m a coffee fan with an inadequate coffee machine. I have to get water boiling on the stove and pour it through the coffee grain strainer that is my coffee maker now. I use a metal mug to transfer the hot water from pot to smaller, less weighty device. I want strong black coffee with sugar.


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