L Squared

LSquared MediumAfter I did a daylong workshop with Anne Lamott last summer I determined I would get a writing group.  What happened was that an ELD instructional coach, Lorena, I work with through the SJ writing project and I started meeting at Crema to brainstorm and design our co-presentations for writers workshop.  We had done several in services at her school.

We realized, as we talked about what makes or breaks a presentation and all the various issues of audience, etc that designing our pd was writing and that we had indeed stumbled into a writing group.

When we wrote a proposal to CA Curriculum Council for a 3 day weekend at Asilomar next fall, it seemed good to revamp my blog and make it a place for personal writing and for our presentations.

Not much of the latter has been uploaded, and busy Ms. Lorena has only shared a few pieces so far.  (Are you reading this, L?)  We liked LSquared for Laura and Lorena.  When we got someone to take this photo of us last time at Crema, Lorena joked that now we’re a couple.

It is rare to find someone so dedicated to teaching, who loves writing and has a great sense of humor.  In pd and all things writing project related we are “partners in crime.” Her strength is keep it simple, little bites and mine is big picture and art.

This slice introduces our site, inspiringteacherstowrite.  I have been inspired by TwoWritingTeachers and would like to make more provocations for my teacher friends in our area to write online and share.  We plan to make some new writing friends through pd and encourage them to link posts, too.

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  1. Y’all are cool. I just cranked a 300 word Slice in just over 20 minutes. Maybe I’m becoming more aware in regards to a running narrative. It must be great having a teacher buddy in your hometown. I should write about my mentor in Oak Cliff during the 90’s eventually this month!

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