My very next post after this one is the one you should read.  I re-blogged one of my main teaching/writing mentor’s work:

Dr. Lovell’s essays are inimitable yet I have written my own fledgling pieces by imitating their form and style.  What impresses me the most, since Jonathan has been in my ISI writing group for quite a few summers now, is the way his writing has moved to more public venues, expressing eloquently his concerns for education and our nation.  His advocacy for writing and teachers is expanding.

I should like to say I have many mentors, but I only pay attention to one book at a time I am reading.  I’m taken with Thomas Newkirk’s Minds Made for Stories right now — and again, not for the stylish writing as much as the clean, elegant way truth is being communicated.  Nonfiction essays with life and breath — that matter.

I want to write like that.

Jonathan Lovell Writes Secretary Duncan About Punishing Colleges of Education for Student Scores

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