100 Word Memoirs- South of France

Fourteen 100-Word Memoirs The online photo is the entry (left) to my bed & breakfast, at St Charles-Canebiere. and the actual door (right).  Left ajar, I venture into the sooty, unlit foyer thinking this cannot be the place. On airplanes 24 hours plus the train from Paris to Marseille, walking 6 blocks to the bnbContinue reading “100 Word Memoirs- South of France”

Message on My Mind

Walking 4.2 miles with my girlfriend in Westgate Shopping Center one night last week was exercise with the benefit of air conditioning and fun talk.  Katy’s one of those friends Elbow refers to — “that’s why it’s so magical when you have a friend who actually understands much of what you are trying to say. Continue reading “Message on My Mind”

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