It takes a little alone time to become habitually self-referencing and it takes unstructured time to shift to the default brain network.

Time can feel oppressive if one views it as space to fill up. Or an agenda willed with things to accomplish.

If time is a river, and I think it is, it is a river that goes nowhere and everywhere. It is a flow in all things.

I like having uninterrupted time to think – to day dream. I am grateful for time to sit at my drawing table.

It takes time to make a good soup. I’ve got plenty.

Time is precious in the sense that life is brief. To be able to fill one’s day with exactly the things one is designed to do is a gift, indeed.

Here’s to the times. Strange as they are, salut!! to the quiet times.

Published by River Brown

Grant Writer with the San José Area Writing Project, B.A. Serigraphy, San José State University, M.A. Ed, Teaching & Learning, National Hispanic University, San Jose, Ca, Retired Intervention Specialist.

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