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Me in Space [When I was younger]

Published by River Brown

Grant Writer with the San José Area Writing Project, B.A. Serigraphy, San José State University, M.A. Ed, Teaching & Learning, National Hispanic University, San Jose, Ca, Retired Intervention Specialist.

7 thoughts on “Email River

  1. Love this description: “There is something like the feel of The Little Prince, something of childhood, and maybe a taste of longing for good old Earth …” And when I read your story (which I loved), I’d have to add a bit of whimsey. The picture was fun, but the writing was delectable. Work on that children’s book.

  2. If you were to turn that story into a children’s book, I would add it to my library. I love the idea!

  3. Well this was superb in every way. First I love the idea in your drawings with the manual filter of changing people into animals. Ha! And I was actually riveted by your story idea. I think it’s brilliant! The drawing is adorable too. Such a cool slice!

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