Recent Works

Pondtemplation 24″ X 48″ Oil on canvas

Arts & Crafts Collages

Made from William Morris calendars and wall paper designs.

CAT IN A WATERCOLOR – 18″ X 23.5 ” Linen mat, antique gold frame
Little Cat – 9″ X 21″
Floral with Birds 18 3/4 ” X 19″
Brugmansia 22 ” X 26 ” Collage Framed
MOON – 14″ X 16″ framed Collage

Water Color & Ink Drawings

Bagel Bunny 8′ x8′ float frame
Sunday Morning Walk 8″ x 8″ float frame
Biker Bunny 8′ X 8″ float frame
Student Skater 8″ X 8″ Floating Frame
Biker Bunny 8″ X 8″ float frame
Gift Card – My Sister with Grandchildren

The book I made for my friend, Bunny, burned in the 2020 California fires, but the bunny drawings went on.

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