The Best New Year

You know what I did once?  It was New Year’s Eve and already well into the Eve part, around 8 at night.  I was at a friend’s home and we were getting festive by making our own party hats with construction paper.  Her kitchen table had scissors, glue, glitter, bits of confetti, markers and lots of vibrant colored paper strewn all over it.  Quite a scene.

And there we were, having a great time using all these art materials.  Somehow it happened that when we got to sprinkling the glitter, it ended up on our faces.  We howled with laughter and took pictures to immortalize the moment. We even sprinkled more glitter on our faces, purposefully.

Then my phone beeped loudly, a text message coming in.  I checked it, it was a complete wrong number.  It beeped again, another wrong number. Another beep.

“Time to meet your friends at the club?” My friend asked as she adjusted her party hat.  I hesitated for half a second, then lied. For the next thirty minutes we put the finishing touches on the party hats and then I politely excused myself and headed out to my car.

As I drove, I was surprised that I did not have a single hint of guilt for leaving my friend’s party early, this put me in a good mood.  I was afraid that by leaving early, the guilt would consume me and make me miserable the entire night.  I parked the car, bounded inside, took a few minutes in the bathroom to change my clothing, choosing a baby blue top that I knew would keep me comfortable and warm through the entire night.  I threw on black bottoms and kicked off my sneakers for something more appropriate.  Giving my hair a final tousle, I headed into the room.

Soft rays of orange light from outside the windows greeted me.  They were soothing and I figured they were just perfect for the night ahead.  All else was pitch black, but I already knew where I was.

I crawled under the familiar comforting blankets, glancing at the clock, 9:45pm, perfect. I gazed out the window near my bed and sighed deeply.  Just perfect.  It was me and me.  I snuggled deeper into my blankets and let sleep consume me.  This was the best New Year’s ever.

One response to “The Best New Year”

  1. Ha ha! Right in character, LL! Why should anyone feel guilty for leaving a party when they are ready to go? What is so special about midnight?


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