Where the Sweeney Hall courtyard opens onto the SJSU promenade

September 30, 2017

Red mesh fencing drapes

around grassy islands

surrounded by crisscrossing sidewalks

skateboard wheels click click

across each crack

while three young writers’ voices

rise from a bench

laughing and joking.


Other writers quiet

on cool concrete steps

A breeze moves leafy trees

and a small flutter of journal pages.


Distant gardening tools buzz

Crows lift up over rooftops

in argumentative cadence

Walkers in Keds with earbuds

glide by silently.


I will write, dammit.


2 responses to “Where the Sweeney Hall courtyard opens onto the SJSU promenade”

  1. It would be a great place to write in the spring. Bring our water bottles and notebooks!!


  2. You painted a perfect picture of that beloved space. Yes, I can see the mesh fence now, hear the wheels, and enjoy the chatter of writing voices. I wonder, how much time have we spent there? Have we ever tried to write there? Perhaps we should…


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