I have written about why I write, but today I saw that it is not about why, but the need to write.  I have all kinds of reasons to satisfy why I write, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I NEED to write.

I need to write because:

  1. I am alive
  2. It is typically the only way that my voice gets heard
  3. A therapist is too expensive, but writing is free and in my world, I need all the therapy I can get
  4. The thoughts in my head deserve to live on paper.  They are precious and as unique as me.  I owe it to them to get them on the page
  5. Life is confusing and it doesn’t make sense until I write
  6. One day I will not be here, but my writing will
  7. No one else has my life so I must share it
  8. When I don’t, I can feel God’s hot breath on my neck and I feel guilty
  9. A child, somewhere, must know that I feel what they feel and that there is hope
  10. I am Mexican and others have to know that I am as human as them

Writing is life.

4 responses to “Needs”

  1. Hi Katie!! That one gave me pause too. The words slipped out before I could really think them through and then I realized what they really meant. I hope your writing life is going well and that you are enjoying your students.


  2. You are so right. Writing is many things and does so much to those of us who take the time to write. Thank you for reblogging. I look forward to visiting your site as soon as I finish this comment:)


  3. Number 6…I stopped breathing for a minute. And then I read number 9. Love. Just love.


  4. Reblogged this on bohemiotx and commented:
    Inspiring. Writing is good for your brain in delaying dementia, as well as being good therapy. Writing for me includes evolving toward greater self-actualization , providing news, and sometimes acting as a mentor. I’m active on Twitter & some other social media sites.


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