On Being a Woman…

I wrote this piece in response to a colleague’s response to Tom Romano’s Fearless Writing.  Her response had been trying out Romano’s approach to the multi genre paper.  My dear colleague then revealed through her writing that all was not well in her relationship.  Her illustration of this led to the response below.

Being a woman is always so difficult. We have far more things to think about than men.  Clothing options for example. Jeans: skinny, boyfriend, relaxed fit, ankle boot, low rise, high rise, snug, jeggings, or slacks. Skirts: mini, pencil, flouncy, pleats. Shorts: tiny, knee length, hits at the thigh…or capris or skorts or a dress…and this is just the beginning.

But it is our time to rise up and say what we want, what we deserve and belongs to us in the first place. That we will not put up with uncertainties or man drama of any kind. That we are more than just pretty faces to be looked at or companions meant for the good times. We are heart, mind, and soul and hear us roar. We have a right to seek our own happiness whether it be accompanied or single is not a concern of ours for we have learned to be strong, independent and very capable of setting up our own cable and hammering in a few nails.

Age only makes us better; all the more desirable whereas with men it makes them senile, smelly, and awkward. With age we grow into ourselves, becoming all the more comfortable with who we are, more confident with what we want and how to get it and more familiar with our bodies so that we know exactly how to care for ourselves. It is fact that a married man gets additional years of life for being married – imagine what that says about us! We are the bearers of life. We know how to live and live well. Men need us for without a female, they die.

Embrace all parts of living a woman’s life – even the downward ones, for it is these moments that define us, shape us, and make us stronger.

One response to “On Being a Woman…”

  1. Not too off the rails, L1. Riotous truth speaking. I roared at “We are heart, mind, and soul and hear us roar.”
    Your argument is compelling! And hell yeah, “age only makes us better.”
    Thanks for posting. More…more!


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