I have been playing around with the Instagram App, Layout.  This image intrigues me, mot only because of the unfoldment but also the the weaving of the Chinese Lantern branch and blossom with the window screen.  It is like a screen print.

Layers. I was thinking of all the layers of technology, starting from the more sophisticated like Word, to the simpler but super-connected like a Googledoc.  And now apps drop files here and there and link things in surprising ways.  What is tricky is getting them to work together in standard purposes.  I’m thinking of the mass email we composed today.

And there are tiling, tesselatjng bits to daily routines.  This image has the splash of the way the day was suddenly warm and completely clear.  It was brilliant after weeks of overcast.  And there will be gardening routines, just like reading routines and commutes to work.

I took the photo of the view from my writing desk two summers ago.  The view now is a bare window pane with an amber street light across the back way.  Mostly dark, dark.  On the sill in relief is the Japanese fan, now monochromatic in night time.  A jar filled with brushes and colored pens also has my Chinese hand drum leaning out of it.  And a three generation photo; my mother, me, my daughter as a baby, her baby on her shoulder.  There’s another layer, another pattern.

I was looking at something up close, a pretty stone maybe at the beach.  I wonder why there is patterning?  Why would things in nature not particularly meant to be “seen” be so elegantly tiled?  I get that some compound make crystals and that molecular patterns are a way that matter bonds. I guess my question childish, like why is there air?  Why is the sky blue?  But sometimes I wonder, why are there so many patterns in layers down to the microcosms of living and nonliving matter?


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