I just brought this laptop back to life. I had it shut down for five days and not once did I miss it. But its soft black keys that caress my fingertips do feel comforting, welcoming almost. I wonder if it missed me.
I never thought of it as I ran errands on Friday and packed my stuff to visit mom for the weekend. Then Saturday morning was the drive up to Sonoma County. All was going well until just before Petaluma (famous for cows) where 101 goes from 4 lanes to 2 and your car moves from 70mph to 15. The traffic is not because of the lane reduction, it is all due to the large casino located in Rohnert Park. Admit it, you have seen the commercials and are planning on going any day now. Graton. Casino resort. Gambling. Food. Gambling. Food. Gambling. It is all there. So I sat in traffic for a great 45 minutes, crawling through until getting past that exit for the casino. Laptop was home and well out of mind.
Then upon arriving at moms, the onslaught of attention that only a mom can give began. And I loved it. I loved how I sat at the kitchen table and mom served me a heaping plate of home made goodness. And she never once asked if I could wash the dishes – it was official, mom no longer saw me as her slave, but as her guest. And she brought out a small cheesecake because she knows I love the stuff – oh this was heaven. What laptop?
Sunday was lazing, and eating. Eating at a buffet for brunch – waffles and salad anyone? It was the perfect combination of breakfast food with lunch food – so delicious. I ate about 5 plates and stole a few cookies on the way out. Then just a few hours later, mom ordered pizza. I haven’t eaten pizza in years. But this was a treat so I allowed myself to have two pieces – yummy! Was I missing anything? In the evening we sat outside and stared at the stars. It is a scene that you cannot view from San Jose because of all the light pollution. At moms, you can see many many many stars.
Monday – the 4th. Big brother made a spicy breakfast of sausage, ham, eggs, and strong coffee. Felt just like that opening scene in Charlotte’s Web, but without the pig drama. The day was foggy and I knew it would burn off at midday to reveal deep blue sky and endless possibilities. Oh this was vacation.

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