There is a large plastic jar of applesauce in my fridge. It is haunting me. Because I opened it about a week ago…I think. And I need to eat it all soon. So what the hell can I do with it?
I bought the massive thing because I use applesauce in my cookie recipes, but as you know it has been way too hot to bake up cookies! Can I put it in shakes? Is there a way to add it in to pudding or ice cream? What can I possibly do with that jar of applesauce?
Any day now it is going to start turning pink, oh you know that yucky pink that lets you know it is ROTTEN! Should I take it to work and leave it on the famous table where any type of food is eaten up immediately? Hmmm, I could scoop it out into pretty little bowls and put spoons. Oh that would really make it disappear!
I could also wake up crazy early and bake cookies in the coolness of the morning before the temperatures start to peak…
I could just eat it out of the jar as a snack – yeah I could eat like 5 cups of the stuff every day for the next week…yum yum.
Too bad its open, otherwise I would donate it… or try to pass it off as a year supply of baby food.
I was thinking about putting it into breads but that requires turning on the oven. Can I add it to oatmeal? Does it go with peanut butter? Should I try Craig’s List?
I know exactly what will happen! I am going to google something about no bake recipes with applesauce and some granny in Virginia is going to school me on how to make some yum yum potato salad with the stuff! Then she will give something like ten tips about applesauce like using it to make your own BBQ sauce or combining it with Jell-O for some potluck dish everyone will love! She might even have some kind of recipe for making it into a marmalade because this granny knows I love toast…And afterwards I will feel like a fool that I could not come up with these recipes!
Hmmm, well for now that is all I can think of…I am going to find this granny.

One response to “Applesauce”

  1. Ha ha ha! How about pouring it into ice cube trays and making apple popsicles? Or, pouring it out on wax paper in the sunny part of your backyard, covering it with a screen and making fruit rolls?
    Or — you could start a compost pile….


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