I am not done…YET!

I got my head beaten today
by the rubrics I am trying to create.
No one really knows what is going on
or that a new section called “craft”
just popped right in!

Needed 4 Motrin this morning,
caffeine overload by 1 pm,
sugar crash came following soon after.
Rubrics will be named a disaster.

Would like to call in sick
for the remainder of the week.
Waive a white flag
rather than go down with the rubric ship.
But I am not done YET!

No one can say that I haven’t tried.
Bleeding and screaming to fine tune the beast.
I will not give in!
Because I am not done YET!

Finessing and wordsmithing.
Establishes, produces, expands
all writing words to describe what
writers can do.
But I am not done YET!

Living and breathing standards,
Writing or language – which one?
Events that unfold naturally
and orient the reader,
but wait and see
Because I am not done YET!

One response to “I am not done…YET!”

  1. Perhaps at our coffee meeting we’ll have nothing to say about rubrics, after all!
    Your heroic struggle with trying to unpack “craft” and make the rubric alive — breathing even — are commendable.


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