Slice of Life #29

Some lovely effects come from what seems a jumble, a hodgepodge of colors or finishes as on this gate door in Twin Peaks.

Car travel means mishmosh for me. Both of time and things.  We have spent the weekend in SF, with events and changes of clothes so that my suitcase and extra bag are jumbled.  Now I’m in the Garden Hilton in Redding and the mishmash increased exponentially.  The coffee and tea things and last night’s room service salad litter the desk, so I write on a bench with my laptop on the queen bed.  Since we’re still en route it makes no sense to dump and repack everything. It’s a bit like the Mad Hatter’s tea party…

The bag with my shoes and electrical cords and chargers has gotten particularly disorderly.  There are now two miniature bottles of catsup and dijon mustard in there along with my toothbrush charger, camera and make up bags.  And I’ve answered a jumble of texts and phone calls hoping to help others put order into their worlds. And so many memories are stirring around wondering when they’ll be written.

I noticed this morning when this lack of neatness affected me. I realized it isn’t about the stirred contents of my suitcase and bag nor about my longing to do laundry.   It is more missing the predictable spaces of my home.

I miss my writing cat.

writing cat

2 responses to “Mishmosh”

  1. You miss the cat but not the writing helper, the champagne?!!
    Mishmosh, mishmash. Hodgepodge. A jumble, and that, that…d-o-or! Such a door! I love doors like that, well lived, and often wonder what is behind them…


  2. I love how you lead up to the simple fact that you miss your cat. Pets are awesome!


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