Slice of Life # 25


Getting out for a walk on Twin Peaks this afternoon in the fabulously fresh air made it officially vacation.  Packing and cleaning the house did not count.  But now, D. and I are at “Cousin Gary’s,” her long time friend from SF.  We are staying in his home over Easter weekend and then heading up to Ashland.

The walk from Gary’s includes several flights of brick street steps and then a wooden staircase up to the old water tank site.

I love the homes perched up here on Twin Peaks. Many are elegant and graceful and the gardening is lovely.


Here’s a bit of the view from the Water Tank.  The Golden Gate Bridge is slightly to the left (Marin across the SF Bay) but the afternoon haze made it hard to see at this distance.

G. and I walked and chatted.  It was a rush of clean air and movement for me.  It felt really good to be out of doors and enjoy the scenery.


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