Packing It In

Slice of Life #23

I left school asap this afternoon so that I could ready the bungalow for the house cleaners tomorrow and for packing to take our road trip to San Francisco and on to Ashland, Oregon.  Since my arrival I have mercilessly emptied the vegetable bins and scrutinized refrigerator shelves for anything that could be tossed or composted.  This refresh in the kitchen department fits perfectly with my spring cleaning impulses.

I have removed personal documents to the locked filing cabinet, moved jewelry and Mom’s drug collection to the locked garage.  Whew, it is nice to have only a tablet a pencil box on my desk.  I made a list for the house cleaners who will come in after one set of guests leave and wash the linens and make the house ready for a teacher staying here for a conference for four days.

My sister in Ashland asked for old photos, so my deposit was to get the bags out of the front closet that had sorted photos I had intended to use to make albums for my grandchildren, oh say, about seven years ago.  Alas, I don’t have the historian genes.

And no writing cat.  He’s sleeping out on the driveway.  He will get wind of this packing traveling thing soon and not like it.  However, he will have excellent wait staff I especially screened for him on airbnb.

One more school day, and who in the heck put the open house night on the calendar the day before Spring Break?  So I’ll be on campus from 7 am to 7 pm.  When I should be packing.

It will all work out.  Always does, somehow.  It is going to be wonderful to have a change of scene.

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