Happy First Day of Spring

Slice of Life # 20

The long awaited Equinox is here.  Spring arrived with two surprises.  I have a Sunday morning appointment with a spine specialist for my mother and I believe that, after months of authorizations and twists and turns, she’s actually getting treated today.

That is amazing in itself. Plus Spring has brought back the connection in both her hearing aids, which were messed up with ear wax removal oil.  Now she can hear!!

I think this week is going to be so much easier than last.  And that’s a good thing because we are packing out of our bungalow and going to SF and then on to Ashland, Oregon for Easter break.







4 responses to “Happy First Day of Spring”

  1. Happy Spring. I am glad your mother may be getting the treatments she needs. 🙂


  2. Oh yeah it is the first day of spring. I proclaimed that excitedly about 15 hours ago…I saw my first flowers in my yard this morning too. With the hectic day I have had, I appreciate the reminder that spring is here!


  3. Great news! I’m glad the first day of spring brought so much joy your way.


  4. Oh, spring, glorious spring! Enjoy your vacation!!


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