What? Day 19 Already?

Slice of Life # 19

It seems so not fair, this time thing.  That it is already time to post on the East coast and we are just wrapping up our Friday night on the West coast. 
It was sundown and I was out grilling a couple Aidel sausages to go with our probiotic saurkraut.  Mickey was in the garden at the new catnip plants, eating leaves.  He got his fill and fell asleep with his chin resting over the plants, inhaling their fragrance while he snoozed.
I brought in the grilled sausages and showed Mom out the back window.  “See?  Mickey is zoned out on the catnip.”  She laughed.
We took dinner with a few cute St. Patrick’s pics of great great granddaughter Kate.  I sent my sister a whiny email about why I didn’t get a picture of Kate walking.
With chocolate the Big D (aka my mom) and I repaired to Comcast on demand in her room to plow through as many episodes of Season 5 as possible of The Good Wife.

We were aided in our Friday night comfort by some Grand Marnier in teensy glasses and dark chocolate with orange.  When On Demand finked out during an episode we called it quits.

I went to my bedroom window and meowed out the window.  “Maio?  Mickey?  Where’s my kitty?” who was last seen snoozing in the catnip.  Shortly thereafter, as I began this blog, my magnificent writing cat showed up, meowing.

Now he is washing up, getting paws and face cleaned thoroughly as I try to cope with the idea that it is already Saturday somewhere.  I guess this is my Saturday post and I can sleep in.

Really need a rest.  Really need to engage in some radical self care.  Tomorrow is for me. Spoken like a cat.  A true cat.

Wait, I’m a person.  But apprenticed to a cat.  And needing some radical self care.





11 responses to “What? Day 19 Already?”

  1. I heard that phrase from Anne Lamott, one of my fave writers on writing. 👑 You deserve it.


  2. Love the idea of radical self-care! I need that for sure.


  3. I don’t have a magnificent writing cat; just a spoiled puppy who tries to push the laptop off my lap so she can sit there! Great slice!


  4. This slice exudes joy in the little things. A great Saturday read.


  5. I like your idea of self-care. My self care this weekend it to read a book for my own pleasure! Enjoy the weekend.


  6. Great analogy…Really need a rest. Really need to engage in some radical self care. Tomorrow is for me. Spoken like a cat. A true cat.


  7. Such a delightful peek into your Friday evening. I hope you got your wish to “sleep in” this morning.


  8. Radical self-care is important for the weekends. You have to take care so you can continue through the next week, right? We can learn a thing or two from our furry friends (as one sleeps in my lap).


  9. Friday night comfort and radical self-care during the weekend – you need to look after yourself before you can give anything to others. Being like a cat is meditative. I hope your weekend helps you to restore your energy.


  10. schmidtkristas Avatar

    I definitely relate to the struggle of the “start of a new day” when the evening is so young! That has been an adjustment and a struggle for sure…last night I ran home with mere minutes to get my day’s post up.


  11. Love this post, especially your magnificent writing cat. I struggle with this east coast deadline and seeing them posting to Saturday when it’s still Friday here. Watch that cat you’re apprenticed to for some guidelines on indulging in self care!


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