Write About Anything Else

Slice of Life #16

After school, as I was hunkering in to prep files and files of Fountas & Pinnell support materials to go with my reading groups, I checked personal email.
“Yes!!” I shouted in the open pod.  My pitiful emails to my doctor finally got a prescription!  Really, how excited should a person be over a round of amoxicillin?  The doctor conceded a sinus infection and bronchitis.  I left for the pharmacy happy that my month-long coughing and ass dragging will end.  I’m going to be my normal energizer bunny self soon.

Just the prospect cheered me so much.  I’m ready to see all the spring beauty and notice the friendly conversations around me.  I’ll even get on my stationary cycle in the morning.  In fact the late afternoon out my window is sunny, breezy and clean.  I was going to cue in the music, but this is already ridiculous.

I can see calla lilies in the sunlight, waving at me from against the back fence under the redwood try.  My neighbor’s yard has an avocado tree sporting clumps of new leaves and a large ruby-throated hummingbird just flew by.

My neighbor is a sculptor. He is walking around outside my window with a good looking man discussing the huge fired clay creations that line Ted’s drive and side yard.  Here’s a peek at some of his art: http://tedfullwood.com/  

Everything seems clearer and lighter.  Hope, lifting out of a depression…not even the antibiotic effect yet.  The only one who does not seem hoppy or sprightly in this urban pastoral scene is my faithful writing cat.  He is curled in a big black and white ball beside my laptop, head tucked on front paws, an occasional  ear twitched back to my fingernails on the keyboard.  So grounded and zen.

Oh yes, there are still more doctors and receptionists to wear down with persuasion.  And it will be Friday afternoon before my mom has the ear wax balls out so she can hear.  And, I left that pile of prep at work.  I really was going to get caught up…









3 responses to “Write About Anything Else”

  1. Go ahead..cue that music, Girl! Hopefully you will be feeling better soon and your mom will be able to hear those birds sing by tomorrow afternoon!


  2. Everything seems clearer and lighter. Hope, lifting out of a depression…not even the antibiotic effect yet. I love this line. This line totally helps me know how you feel. The placebo effect or knowing that you are going to get better helps you get better.

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  3. Resolution! Amazing how much better we feel just from finding out there was legitimately something wrong! Love your observations of the “new” day before you!


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