Slice of Life # 15

The phrase ‘pain management’ has been our prognosis for my mother since December, mostly for her compressed discs and arthritic back.  It has been her goal and my mantra.  Today, after weeks of authorizations for spinal specialist, new authorization for different spinal specialist, authorization for x-rays, authorization for MRI’s, and appointment with the spinal doctor, guess what?

He says this is about pain management so he will authorize another doctor to give the injections.  Stunned that this day off work still hasn’t accomplished our goal, I asked if his office would please manage the authorization, and I avoided reminding him of my email asking why this has taken so long.

So, another trip to a doctor and still no pain relief.  Just the promise of assisting with the authorization.

Think how many people get paid to process these authorization papers while patients go untreated?  It is enough to make me angry.



4 responses to “Authorization”

  1. So sorry I hope you can get help and relief soon. Back pain is no fun! Good Luck!


  2. Argh. SO frustrating. I am sorry. I hope your mom’s pain is soon under control.


  3. That’s managed health care for you! Don’t lose hope. I had two shots in my back for spinal stenosis, and they have helped. I wish good results for your mom.


  4. How frustrating! It seems these things are forever long. Hang in there!


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