Coaches’ Bill of Rights

So henceforth on this day of the 23rd of the second month of the pesky year 2016, these following Rights shall forevermore govern the actions of coaches; serving as the main declaration of what they are entitled to as human beings:

Right 1: The freedom to use the restroom as needed, even if this means adding an extra break during a PD session.

Right 2: Access to a decompression room. This room shall be equipped with an ultra comfy sofa, dimmed lighting and utter quiet. Coaches will have access to this room as needed.

Right 3: All the energy to coach requires fuel. Coaches shall have uninterrupted lunches lasting of a minimum of 45 minutes. This means no email, no teachers making last minute requests, no admins politely asking for favors, no covering someone’s class, no yard duty, or any other miscellaneous activity that will take the coach away from the attention that food deserves.

Right 4: The right to say no.

Right 5: Should the coach arrive to work looking a bit disheveled or absent minded – this shall be overlooked as it probably reflects the high mental demand that has been placed on the coach. Sweats and fuzzy socks outfits shall be overlooked not frowned upon.

Right 6: Availability of an endless stream of coffee and chocolate and donuts and pancakes and banana cream pudding pie with Nilla wafers (for the BAD days).

Right 7: The right to be silly

Right 8:

I ran out of ideas here. But it felt wonderfully delicious to get this out.

2 responses to “Coaches’ Bill of Rights”

  1. I shared a bit of this with my colleagues today and it didn’t get quite the response I was hoping for… I had imagined they would all start bursting out with their own Bill of Rights or saying which others to add, but instead I got a funny look. LB I think you are the only one who sometimes really understands me and I think that because of your experience with ELs, you can glean the meaning of what it is I am REALLY trying to say. Yet another reason why I so enjoy your mentorship and friendship.


  2. #3 is worth marching for and #5 is that L1 humor that overcomes every obstacle.
    Writing is cathartic. Rants without losing your humor are gold.


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