Guilt free!!

It’s still Tuesday! Oh glorious wonderful ever amazing Tuesday! I didn’t miss THE writing day! Happy sprinkles as some may say. And I won’t feel guilty tomorrow…
Speaking of which, I can’t wait to get tomorrow over with. It is a massive PD day for our 5th grade teachers and somehow I ended up being the …uh…what do you call that person who wears a long coned hat and is silly? It is a word indicating how super old you are because no one says it anymore but I need it here…hmmm…dolt? No, not it…hmmm…ha! Dunce!! Yes, somehow I ended up being the dunce who is going to teach some 20 plus 5th graders whom I have never met, a lesson about point of view using a text from the Calkins series incorporating metalinguistic awareness and best practices for English Learners in a direct instruction format while juggling live cats…whew!
Seriously it’s true except for the juggling part, but I am surprised that didn’t get thrown in, you know it could be an engagement technique – “hey kids watch the cats – oh drat! MEOW! That one fell out the window…oh well let’s try it again!” I have reviewed the lesson plan so much now that I can recall it by memory…not good, hopefully sleeping will allow me to forget it so I can sound more authentic.
I also had the brilliant idea of dragging along my iPad so I could capture the insanity. That way I can see what a train wreck really looks like! If anything good comes out of it, I will blog about it.
For now I need to sleep – guilt free because I made it!

One response to “Guilt free!!”

  1. Wow, real kids for the pd!! You are going to have so much fun, juggling cats, conical hat and all.
    Do take film, stills–get somebody else to while you’re teaching!!
    You’re going to be awesome. And deep reading that lesson was a good strategy. Woo hoo, L1 gets to be with students today! 🍕🎉🍕🎉🍕🎉


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