If It Weren’t for the Tuesday Slice Thing

If it weren’t for teachers writing on their blogs today, I would not write.  Or do anything.  My mind is looking for a place where there is no professional development, no meetings, no planning, no due dates, no proposals, no reports…

Capitola, CA – phone pic by my daughter J. Romaine

And if it were not for the Tuesday slice thing I would not have parked myself here at my desk and opened a laptop.  I’d just mentally be that gull sitting midst the tide of a ridiculous work week, living on the promise that next week won’t be so packed.  Perhaps nabbing a bit of dinner, but not producing a thing.  Still be dumbly listening to the rhetoric of the President’s address, plopped on the floor in front of the TV, but not getting the vision.  With all due respect…

If it were not for the passion of my pd partner in crime, I would break up this relationship I’ve had with writing-as-a-thing-I-want-to-inspire-teachers to do well.  “Who cares?” I’d say and throw up my hands, drop out and learn to surf.  (Not likely to surf, but I love the orange surf board outdoing the rainbow and standing as a metaphor for independence.)  Why, why am I driven to this kind of thing?  At these times it seems like a relationship I should have ended before it got out of hand.

If it weren’t for the way my weary pd partner listened to and talked with teachers in the after-hours pd today, I’d just not do anything, ever again with writing pd.  Her conversation so caring and helpful.  It’s good to have role models.

So I remember there are other weary educators, and teachers who have ridiculous deadlines.  Some of us promised ourselves to keep writing, no matter.

The fingers moving on the keyboard is about the best this gull stuck on a rock tired woman can do right now.  Artful?  No, almost numb.


One response to “If It Weren’t for the Tuesday Slice Thing”

  1. It’s really the truth. If not for slicing, I wouldn’t have written today… Thank goodness for colleagues and collaboration.. and also for just a little time to do nothing here and there. 🙂


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