Back in the Swing

It’s funny how writing works. I typed a title into the rectangular box, hoping that it would inspire some writing, but it didn’t as I sat here fingering the strands of my hair for about fifteen minutes. I then checked every single one of my drawers for a bottle of lotion and as I did this I thought about my dear colleague Laura. Had she seen me, I think she would have said something like this, “What do you want to write about?”
I don’t want to write about the things in the title I just typed, I don’t want to write about how the vacation is over and how I saw my work colleagues for the first time and how we were so excited to see each other that we laughed and hugged… WELL maybe it was not that warm of a scene, but anyhow I don’t want to write about the lazy days spent in front of the heater or how I dragged myself out of bed this morning.
And I really don’t want to write about how this hot pink nail color got me a ton of compliments. I never spend time on my nails, but I had tinkered around in the garage and ended up with black dirt in the deep corners of my nails that copious amounts of soap could not remove. They looked hideous, like the hands of a mechanic, so I covered it all up with hot pink nail polish.
I also don’t want to write about resolutions. I heard about them already, they seem to have weight and food in common. No one wants cookies or chocolate or bread. I really don’t see what’s wrong with them, eat them in the morning. OR make a better resolution, one that will last longer than the month of January when cravings make you dive for that cookie…
Which leads me to one more resolution. This is the month when the gyms are severely overcrowded. All the benches are taken, every piece of cardio equipment is whizzing away and there’s so many bodies that the windows get foggy from the body heat – yuck! But by the start of February, the newbies with their resolutions will start to dwindle and the gym rats will remain.
I think at this point Laura might say, “you have enough to write about.” And she would probably tell me its time to include pictures with my blogs…

One response to “Back in the Swing”

  1. I don’t want to write comments about what you’re not writing about…
    I’m not going to mention how much I enjoyed the memorable details like hot pink nail polish over black grease. And I’m not going to mention the foggy windows steamed up by overworked human bodies. Yuck. Ditto.


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