2016 OLW

What is it?

morning sky 2I went for a walk this morning to think about my “One Little Word” for the new year.  I thought about words like “forward” and “focus,” which seemed good, but not on point.

I noticed that grays and highlights caught my eye this morning.  Remarkable how many homes in the neighborhood are painted gray.  (Is gray with an e, grey, a softer shade?)

Eventually, in the home stretch back up the hill by the park, I knew the word.  It’s   w r i t e.  Just write.

Funny, because I design pd to inspire others to write and to teach writing, and sometimes free write for fun, but my focus and my forward motion needs to be on my writing. Write.

Whatever that means, it ought to be a daily practice of mine.  I do have projects in mind.  And it is good for me to discover my thoughts and sort my feelings by writing.  So many good reasons. So, with a baby step I’ll just hold that word out there, in it’s imperative form, or as an invitation.  Write.  And try not to make a program out of my OLW or it will be doomed to failure.

This year, today.  When I can.  And sometimes maybe write when I don’t want to.  What if it became a habit.  On n’y sais jamais.

morning clouds

Open sky over the park where the rain is gathering.  The last day of a lovely winter break.



One response to “2016 OLW”

  1. There you go. The word found you – and it felt right.


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