Forensic Files

Yesterday I woke up early, then realized that there was absolutely nothing urgent for me to do, so I went back to sleep. The next time I woke up, I went downstairs, set my heater so the air went straight in my face and began watching Forensic Files. I am addicted.
Had I known about this show earlier, I would have been watching it all along. I am so hooked. I love the creepy chime music at the beginning and how they go about introducing the people. The narrator has a great voice for this, “In a calm and quiet town north of Seaside, Joanne lived with her husband and three kids. Joanne worked as a waitress in the town’s only restaurant and was loved by everyone. Her cheerful personality and sparkling eyes lit up a room. Evan, Joanne’s husband worked at a lumber mill on the other side of town. One day he arrived from work to find that all was not as it should be in his home…”
Then the show goes into explaining how so and so was found dead and they purposefully lead you to think that so and so did it, but then the forensics indicate it had to be someone else. I just love how these detectives go about analyzing little bits of evidence from hair to a tiny red spot to paper in order to identify who committed the crime. At times I am astounded as to how far science has come along and the work done with DNA – just incredible. Towards the end, the forensics team is able to hone in on the criminal and then they take you through how the crime was committed given the evidence. The show ends with the killer being given their sentence and some concluding thoughts on how the forensics helped to catch this individual.
The show also makes me paranoid – could this happen to me? Would someone ever do something like this to me? I know it is somewhat gruesome and probably makes me out to be some kind of cold idiot for watching this, but I just can’t stop. It is like when I eat Oreos and I know that one is enough, but I figure two won’t do any harm so next thing I know I have consumed too much. Then again I console myself by saying that I don’t do this everyday, so that makes it ok. I will keep watching until I am dragged kicking and screaming back to work.

One response to “Forensic Files”

  1. Funniest part: “Then again I console myself by saying that I don’t do this everyday, so that makes it okay.”
    These “guilty pleasures” really are okay. It is a treat to binge watch something on Netflix or TV and not have to get up at 5:15 a.m. and not have to justify it’s literary value. Happy New Year!!


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