I Think

Which is part of my problem.  I think about things.  So when someone else asks me to brainstorm a problem and come up with a better way to do a meeting, or approach a situation, then it goes on and on in my head.  And it wasn’t even my idea in the first place.

I have enough problems, I think.

However, once I’ve ventured my opinions, questions and ideas, then I feel responsible for the other person’s success, for the outcome of their work.

So the unsolicited task was to make better staff meetings.  Which seems laudable and in the interests of teachers and promoting good school culture.

The tack I took, after reviewing the new, simplified norms, was to allow time to read, learn something, and respond — talk with a colleague about the topic.  Get the business over quickly and efficiently and then offer choices of articles, sites or apps to explore.  To relax and learn.

The tricky bit is making it not time wasting busy work, or to seem pointed at certain topics.  And definitely not to sound like it is another thinly disguised district ultimatum or a piece of propaganda for the latest ed fad that’s going to save us.

So I think and talk and see some ideas taken up with interest.  There are only 5 staff meetings, or 6 at the most, for the school year.  It would be awesome for them to be engaging and, yes, fun, without being frivolous.

However, it is a varied group.  Part of me just asks why we have to have these meetings at all?  I have not seen them build collegiality in the past.  Nor have they been usually super informative.  Occasionally, given a team task, we have done some talk and work, but it wasn’t memorable.


I like to learn.  I’d rather spend my time learning something than hashing over (old) data or discussing issues to death.

And yet, I still think that we teachers need to be heard.  Could a staff meeting be a place – a safe place to share what we need?  Do any of us need to learn?  Or, have we got this?

I appreciate presentations when the leader puts a lot of thought into what will happen during the time, has clear goals or outcomes in mind.  And honors my time.

Could it work to have teachers answer a question from the leader, “What do you need to do your job better than you are already?  How can I support you?”  That would be a brave question.

Still thinking…

Would love to hear your thoughts.


One response to “I Think”

  1. So hard to plan something that everyone will find beneficial. What if we all asked each other “what do you need?” What if everyone felt safe answering that?


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