Why I Write: the funny, the serious, and the painful

Why do I write? At first, I think that this answer requires some deep, thoughtful, and highly convoluted response that leaves one asking the ever profound question, “huh?” I write because:
I can. It took me all those damned days in Kindergarten learning to form my letters and learning their sounds…Hell, after that much effort, I might as well do something with it!
-It is the way that I can get my voice out into the world (whether I say something meaningful or idiotic is irrelevant).
-I am a writer and that is what writers do.
-I love it
-The written words stay forever whereas the spoken ones disappear instantly.
-I hope that someday I will make loads of money off of it and retire into happiness.
-At the end of some days, I need therapy. And my pitiful salary cannot cover the cost of a therapist.
-I love reading the words that I write.
-It makes me laugh. It makes me sad. It makes me feel like a child. It makes me feel like a serious, solemn, boring library woman -depending on my mood.
-I can do it when I am alone.
-I have something to say and whether it is meaningful or idiotic is irrelevant (Yes I said that earlier…)
-If I don’t, I might get kicked out of the SJAWP (San Jose Area Writing Project).
-I am in a writing group.
-As an English Learner, I need the practice.
-My words could inspire someone else to write.
-Through writing I can become whoever I want. I can be a sultry, sexy, red dress wearing curvy woman OR I can be a hairy chested, beer drinking, scratching his crotch, alcoholic. The possibilities are endless!
I have to teach writing.
-I’m a fan of Lucy Calkins, Donald Murray, and Don Graves. AND they all say to WRITE!
-I can’t stop observing the world around me. Everything that happens around me is fodder for my writing.
-I’m desperately trying to unlock the secrets of what makes this so enjoyable and yet so PAINFUL…
-I have to coach a teacher on writing tomorrow.
-It makes me feel important.
-I don’t want to disappoint all my good writing teachers.
What the hell else are you gonna read if I don’t write?

One response to “Why I Write: the funny, the serious, and the painful”

  1. Some hilarious moments in this confession. But the most original, provocative reason was “it makes me feel like a child.”
    Whoa. That could be a line to lift and write to it. There must be deep stuff there.
    (I’m sure you inspired the writing teacher today.)


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