There’s Magic

I spent today knee deep in Professional Development around supporting English Language Learners. And I liked it. It wasn’t perfect and all smiles, but I enjoyed it. There is something wonderful about seeing adults engaged around work that will impact students and there is something magical about seeing them have lightbulb moments too (especially when it is sparks around mind shifts – “ooohhhhh, so I don’t need to give them a spelling list…”).
As I did my best to engage the crowd through scavenger hunts, partner talks, demo lessons where they were students, whole group discussion, and much more, my manager sat in the back corner fully immersed in emails on her laptop. I kept wondering what I looked like from that vantage point. Was I resembling a clown trying to juggle, tell jokes, and do magic tricks? Did I look like a mom of four different aged children, running to calm one down while the other has a fit and yet another throws a tantrum? Or did I look like a presenter who intentionally planned each move, each slide, and even prepped probing questions?
As much as I sometimes enjoy this work, the closure wipes me out. I sit down to aching feet (most likely NOT caused by my heels), soft pulsing headache, loud grumbling stomach, and the need to just run to the bathroom (but first just to sit is enough). And then the most painful moment of getting up and cleaning the room. But as I put away leftover candy and organize pens into boxes, I see that the work is worth it.

One response to “There’s Magic”

  1. Yay! Magic, indeed. My favorite line is the ah ha moment, “sooo I don’t have to give them a spelling list…”
    It would be great to know how your manager really viewed you. I like the frazzled mom analogy, but I don’t imply that kind of creativity to a person immersed in emails.
    You have been designing and delivering so much pd. I can’t wait to have time to talk, to sit at your feet and learn some magic.


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