The sweet delights

Is it wrong to eat Oreos for breakfast? I had a nice cup of green tea in my Contigo as I entered the hole that my writing cadre is using for brainstorming PD sessions at school sites. It is a glum place with no windows and no clock. I believe that serves two purposes: nothing to distract us and in case we get so caught up in our work, we won’t be questioning what time it is, thus it will be ok if we end the day at 6…or 7.
The room is also kept at a near freezing temperature with a thermostat that you can play with, but nothing changes even if you crank the thing up to 90 degrees (yes, we did that). It is so cold that one of our members showed up today with a large, fluffy, brown blanket that she kept herself wrapped up in like a human burrito. I will follow suit and take my purple blanket tomorrow. The green tea kept me warm until I finished it, so tomorrow I will take two Contigos…
But that was a delightful green tea experience. I uncapped the container, the steam coming out with the mild fragrance of bitter tea. I put my face over it and it lapped at my cheeks, almost as comforting as a massage. Then I took one of my Oreo cookies and dipped it into the hot liquid. Oh that was pure bliss as I brought it to my lips and nibbled it, trying to savor every crumb as I knew this would not last. Imagine that black hard cookie turning soft and just melting in your mouth. I did the same with the next three cookies (ok I am lying, I had a total of 5 cookies). You bet I savored every second with those cookies and the green tea.
When the last bit was swallowed, I gazed upon my writing group, just staring back at me as if fascinated. One of the members spoke up haltingly, “did you just eat Oreos for breakfast?”
Indeed I did and I have no regrets.

One response to “The sweet delights”

  1. What a contrast the Oreo Tea ceremony is to the freezing, windowless hole. Your account could almost make me like Oreos. But not quite. Only a few cookies I am immune to…what I love is the wonderment of your fellow bunkers. I smile to tjinl of you all wrapped in blankets for the next session.


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