I was going to write…

Laura’s recent post inspired me:
I was going to write, but the dishes were dirty…
so I washed them.
I was going to write, but I had to go the gym first…
so I frolicked with the weights, did some cardio,
imitated some moves from a muscular man,
drank a protein shake, and when I got home, it was too late.

I swear I was going to write, but the laundry had to get done…
so I separated out the colors and dutifully did as large a load as possible to conserve water.
I double swear I was going to write, but the amount of dust on the lightbulbs in the chandelier hanging over the table was unbearable…
so I cleaned it with a Swiffer wipe cloth thingy.

I am being darn serious that I was going to write, but the floor needed sweeping…
so I used my Swiffer Wet Jet thingy to polish and shine it.
I kid you not, I was going to write, but my brother was utterly hungry…
so I stuck a frozen pizza in the oven for him (and helped him eat it).

Cross my heart, swear to die, I was going to write, but when I sat down with my laptop ready to go, I realized I had nothing to write and would need more “rehearsal” time…
so I looked around to see what cleaning I could do and DAMMIT!! The whole house was already spic and span!!
So I had to write…

I love this piece, even in its infant stages…there is much more that it is begging me to do: play with the words, make it more rhythmic, but for now I am really content with how it is. What keeps you from writing? Is it the same things as these or something else? Why is it that all of a sudden everything else seems so much more important than getting to our writing? From cleaning the kitty litter box, to taking care of bills, to scrubbing the kitchen tiles, we always find a way try and avoid what really matters…

One response to “I was going to write…”

  1. Spot on. Amazing how much housekeeping, gardening and miscellany can get done when we are determined to write.
    I love this piece – not only because it’s true but also because it’s your voice.


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