Where’s the Story?

San Jose hit 99 degrees today after a long spell of balmy weather.  This afternoon I have been setting up my home to have a dozen writing teachers in tomorrow evening for dinner and talk about what we are planning for SJAWP Creative Writing Camp, Writing Workshop, and Teen Writing Institute.  The weather isn’t supposed to get quite as hot tomorrow, but I couldn’t open up my bungalow until 7 pm today.  It is really only just beginning to cool down.

Three ceiling fans, a window fan and a floor fan are moving the air about as I have decided what goes in the salad, what goes in the stirfry, made dressings, gathered herbs and checked the freezer for bean and salmon burgers to grill.  Of course the kitchen table had to be cleared, including my art stuff.

I also studied the spreadsheet for the workshop preferences from the kids who signed up for the new program, Writing Workshop and sent the teachers feedback to think about what they’ll talk about tomorrow.  The Creative Camp I know how to prepare the new teachers for that week.  Marie will have her teachers for the teens in, too.  It should be marvelous conversation.  As the director I am the chief cook and bottle washer.

Perhaps after dinner, tomorrow will be cooler and we can circle chairs on the patio.

This afternoon of prep followed on a day at the Intensive Summer Institute and that’s why maybe it feels like a big deal ot me and I’m writing about it.  These calendar items come up and are met.  Monday I gave my demonstration on using drawing to think about writing.  Great fun yet I was bone-tired by the time I read my feedback letters from participants at 7 that evening.

Next blog I want to write about the man across the street who is learning to play the bagpipes.  Each evening he comes out and attempts this rather difficult task and the sound drifts into everything I am doing.  He just started up…

One response to “Where’s the Story?”

  1. I love how your entry starts with the weather and ends with the bagpipes. You artwork (from an earlier blog entry) is cleared from the table. You capture the normalacy of your day with the depth of your thoughts. I find myself hungering to eat the salmon burgers and sit around the table and talk.


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