Ever have the feeling…

This morning I was yanked from my sleep by my phone ringing to indicate I had a text. It was 5am. I swiped and peered to read the words from the custodian at my “old” school saying he would not be able to let me in. I dumbly replied “Ok, hope all is well.” And then immediately after hitting the send icon, I whirled into uncensored panic. Now how was I going to make copies for the presentation I was delivering that day?? Go to Kinkos? How early were they open? Where was the nearest one? Was someone at school who could let me in? Who?
With my heart creeping into my throat I tossed the warm blankets aside and stumbled downstairs to try to think this through. My presentation started at 9, leaving me about 3 hours to find a way to make copies – CHEAP! I started making my breakfast, which tasted awful even though it was my favorite combination of peanut butter and honey on whole wheat toast. I munched like a zombie trying to think of how to get my hands on a copy machine…
I waited until 6 to text a work colleague and sound like an idiot as I asked if she had kept her keys over the summer. There was no reply – of course not, she was doing what all teachers do on summer vacation – sleeping! I went back upstairs and threw some clothes on so that I at least looked like I was in control of my wardrobe. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and saw a white hair sticking straight up! I swear I wanted to yank it, but resisted fearing it would lead to more white hairs. Ugh…what happened to my youth?
As I made my way back to the kitchen I heard the ping ping of my phone. I was in luck! She still had her keys and wanted to know what time I needed to meet her at the school, I replied 8:15. She agreed and I had a better tasting 2nd breakfast.
But the ride was not over yet. I was at the school at 8:10, my colleague did not show up until 8:22, by then I was in panic again. I raced into the building with my colleague behind and put the copier through a stress test like no other. 20 minutes later, I emerged a copy machine queen and began the very short drive to SJSU blasting the radio.
As I pulled into the parking garage I made the idiot mistake of trying to find parking on the first floor – NONE! As I begin my cursing, my phone rings with one of the assistants wanting to know where the hell I was. Apparently the participants had started showing up, but no presenter. It is now 8:48. I race to the second floor, park, and grab a bouquet of bags, each one gets tossed on a shoulder as I ask, “why the hell do I do this?”
I walk into the room and see ten participants sitting, I smile and start laying out the materials, laptop, pens, treats… Suddenly I realize that my co-presenter is MIA, oh no this is not like her, what happened? I grab my phone, see I a have a text, swipe and read, “feel bad, overslept, alarm did not go off, be there soon.” HA! This is just like her! I smile and calm myself by knowing that her part doesn’t start until a few slides in, I’m ok…
As I organize handouts, I see the assistant struggling to set up my powerpoint – perfect! Its just a blue screen with a menu of icons in the corner and my nectarine treats are way too soft to put out… I shove them back in the bag and dole out strawberries on a “pretty” plate.
It is now 9:02, the power point is still blue, no co-presenter and I am off…

2 responses to “Ever have the feeling…”

  1. Good advice L2. But that piece was fun to write!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoa, this is why we have first day anxiety in programs. If this scenario happens again — and how could it? — bring your laptop up to SH449 where we have a high volume printer.
    🙂 L2


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