Day Two Tuesday

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Nancy is leading the demonstration this morning for Debate with Romeo and Juliet. The teams have translated the scenes and will hold forth on whether or not Lord Capulet will force Juliet to marry Paris.  They are getting ready to do the formal debate.

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Our Intensive Summer Institute is finally rolling, and we are accustomed to our new digs in Sweeney Hall.  Snacks are on a table in the hallway and we’re using the Advanced Institute room next door for break out groups.  Teachers are working easily with one another.

I have gotten the GoogleDrive set up for the storm of scribe notes, handouts and demo packets, and done a thousand details, but still not writing.  Okay a six-word memoir, but not off my family photo, or the piece on My Life in Three Columns.

My demo for Monday is my writing project right now and it is going, but slowly.  Drawing Ideas to Think About Writing is going to use cartooning to support students writing and of course draw from Ellen Giacommbe’s grreat book.  But the demo isn’t written and so that’s what my real focus is.

I’m developing my own cartoon character, channelling a student I had in intervention, actually, named Carlos.  I am showing the tentative awkward start that is sketching and likening that to pre-writes and discovery drafts.

The debaters are about ready to go, so I’m closing my laptop for now.

One response to “Day Two Tuesday”

  1. What a wonderfully interactive way in which to study argument. i look forward to reading more!


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