Tuesday Slice

2014-07-22 10.56.56I thought my slice of life this evening would be about my comic efforts to install my own drip system in the drought resistant plantings and garden out back.

I did experience back flow when testing out the first line.  Some of the bathwater went through the filter and out into the drip hose…but not enough fast enough for the pump to handle.  Wet basement.

However, back flow is just an analogy for all the problems — if you have problems with your internet system – if your hotspot is tweaked – it is because you have a certain diameter pipe and there’s way too much data (or water) trying to go through at the same time.  Really all life problems come down to this.

Back flow.  I felt flattened after the weekend working in the hot sun. I got yet another big project checked off the list Monday.  And today I’m divided between getting my house ready for airbnb guests and figuring out how to staff summer writing programs.  I had two teachers taken by admins…wonderful friends I coveted having teach in our summer camps.  Owie.

So, why the mask?  The butterfly with eyes and a marker?  This was a snapshot from the arts and crafts table I provided at recess and lunch for our writers in Creative Writing Camp last year.  That camp is on my mind right now.  I thought those mask cutouts were strange looking and everything feels a bit strange for me right now.  (Is it the midwestern style weather we are having here in San Jose, Ca?)

The mask.  Masks can give you courage when things are waffling or back flowing into your basement.  Masks can also cover how you are really feeling.

How do I really feel about all this?

I feel determined that the writing programs will all work out, and I feel like I should not be blogging when I need to finish with the house straightening.  I feel the moodiness of cloud cover and high humidity.  I feel tired of going to my day gig.  Only 2.5 days.

I feel issues lurking underneath all this busyness that I will get to, soon.  And really, it is too much work to describe an amateur free styling putting in drip hoses and soakers and tubes and such.



One response to “Tuesday Slice”

  1. Oh dear. I’m feeling that same moody feeling. I hope it passes for both of us, but I am so happy to know I’m not alone! And I’d never be attempting a task like that, so way to go!


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