Sign Board

Passer-By with Appropriate SignboardI made this and wore it into the San Jose Area Writing Project office this afternoon to meet with the Director and revise my grant report narrative for Writing Our Future:  Family Academic Literacy Project.

Writing down all the things we did this year in my school in our program dubbed “Read With Me, Write With Me” was fairly easy since I coordinated and catered everything that happened.  Just makes me feel a bit tired.  But seriously, I have been successfully writing for funding for three years in a row.  I don’t even hate my expository voice anymore.

The good part was writing into plans and ideas — better ones for next year.  Then the narrative livened up and I sketched out what could become a self-sustaining program.  I’ll not write the details of it now as I’ve written all day.

Three more days of students plus one half day to check out.  Then, oh my, several relatively unstructured days before Intensive Summer Institute starts.  And we’re getting the summer heat.

2 responses to “Sign Board”

  1. “I don’t even hate my expository voice anymore” isn’t that the truth?! You must be successful to not be drained of what seems like a boatload of work! Kudos to you for bringing such a service to your school! I have to say it was the visual that few me in. Clever!!!


  2. Your sign really cracked me up. Then when I read that you wore it to the meet with the Writing Project director at his/her office, I thought she’s either really gutty or in a comfortable environment or all of the above. Been in the low 90’s lately in EastTX. By the way, I’m going to figure out how to write for money without losing lots of nedicine, and I’ve started volunteering.


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