TGIF Can Mean Too Good In Fact

I’m at the round dining table with a few books and laptop, while Mickey is curled into his napping shape.  He has an ear out since the microwave is heating an entree from Whole Paycheck I was going to use as a school lunch one day this week.

But the week is up.

I took the afternoon off work to free my hostage package from FedEx.  I brought in the door tags, with sticky note pleas to leave the box on the porch — indicating that the plumber was there to install the item and saying “I’ve signed” all over the place.  On the second door tag the driver merely crossed off my signature and wrote at the top, “Sign in person.”  My phone calls were tersely listened to, but had not availed.  Is my plumber Joseph not a person?  Who besides me could be asking for the driver to drop a big box containing a water filter off on my front porch? Is national security at stake?

In a teensy huff, I put the top down on my car and hefted the box into the front seat after they finally turned it over to me, three days after its arrival in SJ.  So I got home early this fine, cloudy Friday.  I thought I’d get started on my presentation for Tuesday but; instead, I stretched out on the couch and slept hard for two hours.

Then I wrote an email to my mom and sister.  And I fixed a margarita.  Here are the highlights of The Tub Project, so far. Joseph was so excited inventing the perfect mousetrap for gray water that it wasn’t until I gave him his starting fee that he looked more closely at the infamous walk-in tub I scored at Habitat For Humanity’s Re-Store. Noticing began.  Ah, the pump/motor requires a 220 line and outlet.  No problem, add the electrician into the cost sheet.

And, look, where’s the drain? How do those strange-looking pipes actually function?
Turns out one of the pipes on it is for pumping the water out fast, which is a desired feature.  Getting a pump for the model will be tricky. As tricky as finding the drain and connector.  Remember the sale of tubs is guarded by a small ring of people who only sell installation packages.  Joseph, to his credit. has found schematics online, and a phone number, but has plans to get past the sales people.  He knows a distributor who could get parts except they’re moving for the next month and can’t do orders.  I have complete confidence in him after seeing how Joseph handled the historic permit hold on our sewer line out in the front yard.

It hasn’t been all set backs. The tubs and laundry are plumbed into a T, then there are four pipes with valve fittings coming out of the bottom of the wall on the back of the house, and one on the front of the house, too. The drip hoses hook up there.  My friend J. has agreed to come help me lay out that part of the gray water system.  I will do the first hardware trip on my own since there’s no such thing as one trip to OSH anyway.  Soaker hoses and irrigation equipment is a foreign, mysterious looking aisle where I’ve never ventured.
With our household average daily water usage being 90 gallons a day, when both of us are home, Joseph kept thinking as he was plumbing that the holding tank won’t be necessary (the preferred one turns out to be costly). The clean-up to make space for a tank in the basement was absolutely necessary.  Ew, what a mess down there.  I set things out on the curb all morning Saturday — and by late afternoon they were all gone.  Well, we won’t know for sure about the tank issue until the tub can be tested and the drip/soaker lines are running out under the gorilla hair.

Meanwhile, Mickey sleeps and I’ve gone on to reading Donald Graves, Lucy Calkins and Nancie Atwell.  Not bad.

The irises are finished blooming, with one final white one waving around this week among the bud stubs. It sprinkled this morning.  Just barely. The strawberry that was almost ripe last night was ripped off before I could eat it early this morning.

Next week is short, but big.  The final celebration of our Family Literacy grant is Thursday night.  We’re expecting about a 100 people and I have to coordinate getting various people in for interviews with our NWP person who is doing a site visit.  And co-lead the event with Lorena and cater it.  There is a quiet settling over me, like the snoozing cat.  I took a walk.  I’ve read and the light is going down.  The margarita is kicking in.

It is likely that next Friday I’ll do the same as I did when I got home this Friday.Mickey and Margarita

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