IMG_1975Spaces.  Transitions.

I notice there are tremendous distances

between some of the kinds of life events

of mine.

I feel the shifting into summer with writing project work

and my mom

flew up to Ashland for the season so it is quiet

Calm.  Rest.  I napped today

the hard sleep of fighting off a cold and change.

My personal time is mine again

except for projects

due dates presentations

and the like.

The house is still.

The evening light is lovely.

This is a time to play the artist card.

2 responses to “Spaces”

  1. …”own” deadlines…typo


  2. Beautiful. You’re resting from official duties, but you’ve created your won deadlines. Sounds like a happy working vacation.
    My finished post on the limits of free speech got rave reviews from a favorite acquaintance–a federal prosecuting attorney. We met by sticking flyers in Tyler houses for would-be Democrat governor Wendy Davis, who tragically lost to Abbot who fears a federal conquering.


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