It’s already Wednesday

Weren’t we all just enjoying the weekend? You know, those two days when we are supposed to “sleep in” and have large pancake breakfasts as we read the newspaper, leisurely sipping coffee by the window… Well, what happened? I don’t remember doing any of that! Now it’s already Wednesday which means a weekend is right around the corner, so here we go…sleep in, pancakes, coffee, paper…
I am not sure how much of that I would do even if it were my choice. I can’t sleep in because I actually get “genius” ideas at the crack of dawn. That and I have too much darn energy to just lay around. As for pancakes, sure, you can do no harm with those, right? As a matter of fact, I wish I had been named Pancakes. Everyone in my elementary class would have salivated whenever the teacher took attendance… “Bertha?” “Present.” “Victor?” “Present.” “Pancakes?” “Yes, please, with lots of syrup and make sure they are buttery and fluffy…” Oh – yeah…
So now there is the coffee and paper reading by the window with warm rays of golden sunshine seeping in… I suppose I could do that. I would most likely read the comic section first (obviously the most intellectually challenging) and then dive into the food related articles. As for the coffee, it’s to the good of the people around me if I keep it to a minimum. Hmmm, I guess I already have my weekend planned out…and it’s already Wednesday!

2 responses to “It’s already Wednesday”

  1. guess what? I worked this weekend! Ha, ha, ha!! I tried watching a movie last night and really, really, really tried to sit on the sofa… it didn’t happen. I ended up washing dishes and folding my clothes… How is that garden coming along? Any pics of it?


  2. I am into that “reading by the window with warm rays of sunshine” – at least in theory. Share your too darned much energy problem. Makes for a lovely well tended garden this weekend. Pancakes? Make goid frisbees.


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