I Have to Write

I write out of my anger and into my passion.

It is Tuesday on the eastern seaboard, so I can end my gruelling long Monday in PST with a reminder of why I write.  I found old notes from an Asilomar conference session on Creative Nonfiction.  The mentor text was Terry Tempest Williams, Why I Write.  I lifted her line to start.

I’m culling lines from my 9/29/12 draft that seem true today.

I write to see what’s at my core.  I write into molten memories and frozen silences.

I write to cope, to reclaim myself from loss. 

I write because I mean it.  I’m overly serious — too much thinking. 

I write as a protection plan. 

I write because I teach.  I write to walk a mile in somebody’s mocassins. 

I write to heal the anger all the way.  I write to shut up my ancestors. 

I write just because.  To chase images around my psyche.

I write to say I’m here.  That I matter.

2014-07-22 10.56.56

5 responses to “I Have to Write”

  1. Wow, Tuesday already. Braced, ready to read.


  2. I’m replying to this post again–this time to cope. Brace yourself, L-Squared https://bohemiotx.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/lost-my-favorite-student-violence-in-black-america/


  3. Thanks for sharing your reasons. I find that I write to know my own thoughts and to deepen and focus them. Your post will have me considering other reasons I write.

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  4. And hopefully you write to discover joy.

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  5. Provocative and succinct. Two of my favorite sayings of yours here are (1) writing because you teach/writing to walk in someone else’s moccasins. (2) write to say I’m here, and I matter. #YouMatter is a wonderful paradigm started by Angela Maiers, an Iowa educator. Writing as empathy can battle critiques of essays as being too regional.


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