March (or don’t).

Quite a month.  Sometimes it felt like a march, just to get it all done.  Earlier in the month. I had almost zero free time, which is mentally taxing for me.

Some days, though, I looked forward to going back in my room when I got home from school and meetings, to sit at my little writing desk and gaze out through the Chinese Lantern plant into the backyard.

This month I have rarely been without anything to write about, although I think some things I wrote were far more worthwhile than other musings.  I have always looked forward to the time to write and reading fellow blogger’s writing and commenting.

The act of writing is important to me.  Yes, it helps to have an appreciative audience, but even without the “challenge” I think (this time) I’ll keep writing.  Even if no one reads or comments, I want this place and space.  Mine.

And, perhaps I’ll get some of the pd up on LSquared that I’ve meant to do.

As a teacher, I’d like to see less “curriculum coverage” and more time for students (of all ages) to sketch and write — to discover what they think, to chronicle important events, and to spin stories.  If teachers get to see how valuable it is for themselves, maybe more teachers will allow more writing time in their classes?  My hope.

We (our school) took art out  a long time ago — and now only sometimes do class projects.  Everybody does the same thing.  The place of creativity, the time to be creative, seems to have leached out of our programs.

I am glad at least to have more creative space back in my life.  I want to see this for students.



4 responses to “March (or don’t).”

  1. It was a march, wasn’t it? I hope you get art back in your school; maybe the honchos would listen to the STEAM acronym. Fareed Zakaria did a great article last Sunday about the importance of liberal arts education. I love Oriental art–nice to hear about your lantern overlooking the backyard.


  2. I agree with you on the ‘creative space’ that we need to give students. I’m glad that you didn’t struggle for ideas….something always seems to come…I feel like I notice more. xo nanc


  3. “I am glad at least to have more creative space back in my life.” This is a great place to start! We get creative, and it will sprinkle down to our classrooms and students as well!


  4. I hope you do keep writing for you and for your students. I cannot fathom a school without art; likewise, I cannot fathom a school without children writing for meaningful purposes each day. IF ONE POLITICIAN or ONE SUPERINTENDENT did this….just one….the taljk would be all over the value of daily writing!


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