Paying More Attention

The quiet that is finally seeping in

The grace to enjoy the moment

Time to sit still and think about things

Time to think through things.

To dream up creative ways to spend my time

I want more of my free time in creative mode.

I really want to be more like my cat: look how he lies out in the yard, watching everything.

When I have a camera in hand my brain tunes to “observe.”

I need to be more observant to write.

I want to notice more.

2014-04-02 18.02.54

2 responses to “Paying More Attention”

  1. When I got my first iPhone, I became a photographer, noticing everything. The world is a beautiful place, isn’t it? The bluebells in the lawn, the leaves budding out, and oh look — a chickadee in the hawthorne tree. Thanks for reminding us.

    I wrote about my dad:


  2. I appreciate the spare words and the comparison to your cat– that painted a picture for me!–who wouldn’t want to be their cat. LOL! On a more serious note, I can so relate to your sentiment. Of course, paying more attention would require me to slow down…and that may be the hardest part for me. Good luck with your noticing– carry your camera more often if it helps! 😉


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