I Really Need to Stop Taking Photos of Kids Writing

IMG_0018Saturday Seminars at San Jose Area Writing Project today included the Young Writers – a morning workshop for students from grades 3-10.

What is it about seeing young people thinking, writing, imagining?  It must be the communicator genes in me, glad to see the craft going on to the next generation.  And, I don’t always see this kind of artistic, social space for students writing at school.  That’s also aesthetic.

IMG_2652The Sweeney Hall auditorium isn’t much of a classroom, but the space was used well for groups and activities this morning.  A mentor study was going on here on the stage.

IMG_0023Other students were bunched around some posters and were cartooning their stories.

IMG_0015Imaginative activities, like looking through the keyhole into Cinderella’s attic and picturing the theme of a beloved children’s book engaged young writers around the room.

IMG_0004 IMG_2670I also love seeing parents work with their children.

The tone of the room included “try it” and “let’s see what happens…” I think some of my photos caught the feel of the workshop.

IMG_0017It does this writing teacher good to see students come out to write on a Saturday.  I am grateful that the Writing Project work makes this available.  I hope to see some of these young writers in our summer programs.

6 responses to “I Really Need to Stop Taking Photos of Kids Writing”

  1. I’m glad you didn’t stop taking photos. These pictures are worth a million words. Young writers together with their parents. This is gorgeous stuff!


  2. shaggerspicchu Avatar

    I love this. I have been thinking of starting a writer’s club at my school. I might need to talk to you about some ideas like this.


  3. How amazing! The Hudson Valley Writing Project is running a workshop just like this soon – your slice gave me a peek into the work there. Glorious!


  4. This is an inspiring project! Keep taking those photos because young writers engaged in writing is beautiful.


  5. What lucky kids to get an early start with the joy/pain of writing!


  6. What a great day! I think my school needs to take your lead!


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